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Either something's going on or Chevy Chase is really nailing his impersonation of a man not living his best life.

Chase was part of NBC's red carpet special for the SNL 40th anniversary special Sunday night and he did a brief interview with Carson Daly where Carson asked questions and Chevy sighed deeply and then sort of rambled on.

"I left after the first year because I thought this isn't going anywhere... I liked [hosting]. I liked it. But I missed it more for not being a part of the cast because I left after one year, I had reasons to leave. I'm sorry if I'm perspiring, but I just had to run through a gauntlet. But I liked it a lot, and I still like it. I love Lorne. We're like brothers now."

Chase—who has a long, checkered history with the show—eventually came back to host eight times, even returning for dozens of cameos after he was reportedly banned from hosting in 1997.

He seemed to recall his SNL days with genuine affection, adding that it was a "lot of fun" with "good people—Lorne and John and Gilda and Danny and uh, the rest."

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