The summer's increased lightning strike injuries first tipped you off, then you began to smell it in the air. "Could it be..." you allowed yourself to wonder briefly. "No, no. No, it couldn't." Well, I hope rather than scare you this news brings you a bit of relief—relief that you haven't been imagining it after all. Your mind is trustworthy. Your gut is true. Chelsea Handler is building a clique of power women. (Reportedly.)

Us Weekly reports the future Netflix star Chelsea Handler recently recruited Sandra Bullock into her "clique of power women" (coven of power witches?), increasing its strength unmeasurably. From Us Weekly:

Handler, 39, along with seven friends including Whitney Cummings, 31, joined the Oscar winner [Ed. Note: Sandra Bullock] in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they took in a July 24 show from the Southern Soul All Stars at the famed Million Dollar Cowboy Bar to celebrate the leading lady's [Ed. Note: Sandra Bullock's] birthday.

Us Weekly also notes that Handler is friends with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and that Aniston and Sandra Bullock recently became "new BFFs" at a dinner party hosted by none other than Power Woman Gwyneth Paltrow.

To what end are these women forming these suspicious power bonds? There's nothing we can do not but guess, plan, and wait.

[image via Getty]