Does a celebrity who complains as much as Iggy Azalea even enjoy being famous? Today's shit-fit tantrum comes after Steve Madden uploaded photos she doesn't like from an Iggy-branded shoe line. "I'm in shock," sputtered the rapper from the "Clueless" tribute music video. "Tainted with these God awful images..."

The Australian cultural ambassador took her furious complaints to Twitter after seeing the "Steve Madden x Iggy" promotional Tumblr:

Crikey, Ivd been bamoozeled with the photos they took appon themselves to create and share. Tricked by the Tumblah. G'day in HELL.

She later deleted those tweets, but not before HuffPo could snap a screenshot. The Tumblr is also now locked behind a password, but not before Google could cache it for all of us to look at. In Iggy's defense, it is pretty horrid and socks abound:

In the wake of the controversy (after erasing the tweets), Azalea posted a statement to Instagram in which she defended her meEeEeEeEeltdown ("I'm extremely passionate and emotional and crazy sometimes because I care ALOoOoot about this shit!"), loved Steve Madden™ ("I love Steve Madden as an individual and as a company.") and banned socks ("I just don't support neoprene Jesus sandals WITH socks.").

Ironic 1990s GeoCities "net art" and the pastiest calves this side of Mullumbimby make for a frightful combination, so I don't blame her for being a little upset at the leaked images. But someone as easily confused and Australian as Iggo might find their mental and emotional health greatly improved by staying away from social media altogether. The internet is a colorful and surprising place, chock-a-block with bamoozeles.

[Images via Google // Huffington Post/Twitter]