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" There are dozens of airlines that fly into LAX, but if you’re famous (and famous is truly a subjective term), make sure you do not arrive on Delta. Unless of course you don’t mind the friendly paparazzi that will be waiting to greet you after your long flight.

Jet Blue has little TVs for their customers, Virgin America offers some great beverage choices, and Delta, for their valued customers, they always seem to have a cameramen from TMZ waiting at Terminal 5 for them to get their bags. There is nothing a celeb loves more then to get off a cross country flight and be greeted by some asshole asking them the most mundane questions possible.

American Airlines and US Airways have the most celebs flying on them, and honestly if you are flying out of New York, no matter what airline you are choose,there will be a waiting party for you. Six hours of air travel is just enough time for a pap in NY to tip a pap in LA who then tips another pap until we have a gang bang at LAX.

Celebs who fly Delta though have an added check in process, because every morning someone at TMZ emails their LAX PAP a list. Now two things, yes TMZ keeps a pap at LAX all day every day. It’s not an accident the guy with a camera is waiting at the Delta check in counter at 8 am and seems to have a dozen question all ready to ask you. This brings me to the second thing, the list, the list is not say as famous as Schindler’s, nor as valuable as say a list of hidden gold deposits, but the list does have tons of value, because on it, is every celeb that is flying in or out of LAX on Delta, their flight number and their departure or arrival time.

Also since Delta caters celebs who fly to and from Atlanta, let’s just say there is a high quota of African American celebs who manage to get nailed at LAX, unless it’s around Sundance, then every celeb flies LAX to Salt Lake, a route which Delta kinda dominates.

So today’s lesson for celebrities, never fly Delta, and there are no coincidences in the pap world. If you get shot at LAX, someone sold you out. Except in the case of Michael Lohan...who always tipped us off to where he was going to be."