Uh, yeah—what did you think Paris Hilton was going to name her tiny new dog? Stella? Yeah right. Bailey? Give me a break. Coco? No. Bella? Fat chance. Katie? Nope! Molly? Keep dreaming.

Rosie? By no means. Gracie? Hah. Lady? You've got to be kidding me. Lucy? Never. Ellie? When pigs fly—maybe. Chloe? Heck no. Priscilla? You're crazy. Kate? Nein. Lola? Not at all. Isabelle? Don't make me laugh.

Maggie? NOOOOOOOO. Roxy? Negative, my friend. Kelly? I wish! Penny? When hell freezes over maybe Paris will name her dog Penny. Lizzy? LOL. Buttons? Nah-uh. Basil? No siree!

Princess Paris Jr.? Nooo—wait, yes! From the Daily Mail:

"I love her. Her name's Princess Paris Jr."

The blonde calls herself Princess Paris, so the furry friend is clearly meant to follow in her footsteps.

Ah, of course. Excellent work, Princess Paris Sr.

[image via Instagram]