Sometimes our enemies present themselves to us plainly from the start, like Helena Erdman, who stomped on my foot backstage during the 9th grade musical before I even had a chance to tell her that I didn't like her hair (which I did not). Other times, they lie in wait, plotting the perfect moment to reveal themselves as haters. John Corbett, the 54-year-old American actor known for his roles on Sex and The City and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, has just revealed himself as a hater.

Of me!

Earlier today, I was preparing a short blog post about John Corbett's recent interview with E! News, in which he suggested that Sex and the City should "come back for a couple of seasons like The Comeback." I had some jokes in the works, like "Aidan, u are so desperate to get back with Carrie," and other great jokes like that one. Prior to posting the blog, while performing my due diligence as a reporter, I checked John Corbett's Twitter feed to see if he'd posted anything relevant lately. It was then I discovered that John Corbett and I will never be friends so long as I live on this Earth:

Blocked. For who knows how long. And why?

I couldn't recall ever having written anything about John Corbett in print or online. However, a Twitter search revealed that I did tweet about him once, on May 13 of last year at 10:42 a.m.:

This is a statement of fact for which I will not apologize. John Corbett has also done advertisements for Walgreens. By logging out of my account and refreshing his Twitter page (which, HI JOHN, I can still see this way), I was able to confirm that the majority of his 15 tweets are retweets of other users misspelling the proper noun "Walgreens."

It appears John Corbett has also blocked at least one other journalist who once tweeted something innocuous about his work with brands, which suggests that he did not block me by mistake, and further reveals his vindictive nature.

Perhaps, instead of searching for his name on Twitter and teaching people in a backhanded way how to spell "Walgreens," John Corbett could contribute something positive to this world, but that is advice he won't get from me, because we are not friends. Goodbye, John.

The only other thing I will say is that I am 100% cool with John Corbett's life partner Bo Derek, who hasn't blocked me on Twitter and apparently does not support his rash, unwarranted, and hurtful actions.

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