Chris Brown's identity was stolen—the inmate ID card he left behind in a California jail found its way online with the asking price of $10,000.

Brown was sent back to jail last March after getting kicked out of court-mandated rehab, and was being driven to Washington, D.C. when he made a stop in San Bernardino County Jail, where he stayed for about a day. This is where TMZ reports the ID was allegedly lifted:

Fast forward to this week ... when someone tried to sell the ID online for $10,000. Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, got wind of it and went to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. and said "What the F***?"

The Sheriff's Dept. launched an investigation and traced the ID to someone in the area. We've learned cops seized the ID and grilled the guy, who insists he got the ID from a friend who got it from a friend.

The only remaining question: Who would pay $10,000 for Chris Brown's jail ID card? No one? "Fans?" You?

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