100 years ago, Benji Madden had a supporting role in the mall musical Good Charlotte. Cameron Diaz is a celebrity. With rumors swirling that the two might soon wed, one question rises to the surface: how did Benji Madden even meet Cameron Diaz?

A few clues: Benji and Cameron have apparently been dating since May. Benji's twin brother, Joel Madden, is married to Nicole Richie—a Known Woman. Those are the only clues.

Now we guess. First me, then you:

  • Cameron Diaz, anxious to get away from it all, takes one of her cars out and just drives. Later, she breaks down on the side of a distant, infrequently-traveled road. Aw, shit. And her cell phone is out of battery?! God damnit. "God damnit, won't anyone come and help me?" she wonders. Just then she sees a car in the distance. Oh my god. It's Benji Madden, whoever that is. "Heaven sent you to me," she says, "and I'll never give you back."
  • Benji Madden is at a gas station, filling up his tank. Do-do-do. Not much to see. Until: Cameron Diaz runs over his foot by accident. "WHAT THEEFU—" shouts Madden, just as he realizes who's behind the wheel. "Aw shit," says Cameron. Knowing this is his only chance and smiling through the pain Benji asks, "Will you go out on a date with me?" Cameron accepts, because of the foot.
  • Cameron Diaz is listening to Good Charlotte on a park bench. She texts someone: "Hey, can you put me in touch with Benji Madden? I like his band." Holy shit. What?! The person texts back, "Uhh. Yeah, sure." They get in touch, Benji is so flattered and is a big fan of her work, too, and they start dating.
  • A museum?

It's a mystery! We can only guess, and now it is your turn to guess.

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