George Clooney can prank 'em out, but he can't prank 'em, it seems. The fully grown adult male actor, well known for his time- and money-wasting pranks on friends and coworkers, reportedly shut down a Golden Globes prank idea from his friend Bill Murray. George, you goddamn hypocrite.

Page Six reports Bill Murray planned to "pull a Kanye" on Clooney during the awards show, rushing onto the stage as Clooney was presented with his Cecil B. DeMille Award. George, perhaps because he didn't want to chip away at the gravitas of a trophy given for a lifetime of play-pretend at a ceremony best known for its free-flowing alcohol, or because he didn't want to look dumb in front of his smart wife, told him no:

But a source tells us Murray decided against making a scene after Clooney ruled against it.

One Hollywood insider said, "I wish it had happened, it might have made the show more interesting."

It would have made the show more interesting, Hollywood insider—you are correct. How dare you, George Clooney. That show was so fucking boring, how dare you.

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