Hilary Duff—27; loving it; known to “act ghetto” —announced during a radio appearance this week that she had joined Tinder in the wake of her divorce. “My profile says, ‘Let’s get pizza!’” she explained.

We have now learned that this is a cute thing Hilary decided to do for a potential reality show. Doesn’t that sound fun? Seriously, does that sound fun? What does fun sound like? My ears are bleeding. I think I’m having a stroke!

TMZ reports that Hils has been filming her Tinder dates and “hopes to use it to develop a reality show—that would focus on her life as a new divorcée.” She “plans to shoot more footage as she dives into the dating world.” Per TMZ’s sources, camera crews have filmed two of Lizzie’s dates so far: one at a bowling alley, and one at a pizza place in the Valley.

Hmm. Hilary’s rep had no comment for TMZ about a potential reality show, and I also have no comment.

TMZ does note that not everything about Hilary’s dating life is scripted. According to a source, she sent the cameras away after her pizza date so she could get a(n alcoholic) drink with the guy at the bar. Literally get it!!

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