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As part of the Defamer resurrection project, parent company Gawker Media has put me up in the infamous Chateau Marmont for this week. I'm in a garden cottage 83, better known in Hollywood lore as the place where Cheryl Tiegs once climbed the tiny rock fountain after mainlining too much homemade absinthe at Lee Majors' bungalow. So I've heard.

The purpose of this stay is to make everyone interviewing for this job as uncomfortable as possible. Even more so, now, since there is a live bird flying around my room. Throughout the week, some of our applicants will be posting under the Anonymous byline to help us out. Tomorrow night we will live blog from the Chateau Marmont restaurant all the big-time small-time muckity-mucks making deals, being Noticed, picking at their food, engaging in pleasant conversation. Please come back for that if you can.

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