Multiple outlets reported over the weekend that, beginning in March 2016, tumultuous pop group One Direction will go on a temporary, year-long hiatus. The boys allegedly won’t tour after the release of their fifth album and will instead focus on solo projects. Then, finally, after they’ve gotten this rotten, lust-driven desire out of their system, they’ll come back together as god intended as the group One Direction...or will they?

A source spoke to Us Magazine, sounding like a fucking liar:

“That doesn’t mean they’re splitting up at all,” our source insists.

Yeah right. The source continues:

“Even when Zayn was in the band they had been speaking about having time to focus on personal projects.”


They’re one of the hardest working groups—


around and—



Give me a break.

deserve some time—


to themselves,” the source continues.

Enough. “There WILL be another album after this one. I promise,” the Us Magazine source concludes, doubling down on his or her filthy lie.

Or is he or she doubling down on a filthy lie?

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