As we are all well aware, Cameron Diaz—celebrity—and Benji Madden—second-most-famous Madden brother in early-2000s PacSun tribute group Good Charlotte—are dating. Rumors arose in July that the couple might (somehow) be on the path to marriage, and today People reports that they may have taken the first step.

According to People, Cameron was seen at the Academy's Hollywood Costume luncheon, an event that makes me feel tired even reading about, wearing a "sparkling ring." Hmm.

An eyewitness reportedly said Cameron, seated next to fellow celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, was "casually and constantly twirling her ponytail, showing off the ring and often playing with it." Would a woman not engaged to Benji Madden wear such an accessory and play with it? Hmm.

Another source reported seeing the couple at dinner the very same night:

They arrived together with Benji driving. Cameron showed off her new ring and was smiling. They enjoyed dinner for several hours."

Hmmm. So, here are our clues:

  • Sparkling
  • Playing
  • Driving
  • Smiling
  • Enjoyed

What do you think? Is Cameron Diaz engaged to Benji Madden? Is she OK? Does she need our help? What does Benji Madden know about Cameron Diaz that we don't? Oh my god, do you think she murdered someone and Benji is the only one who knows?

Oh my god.

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