Former “High School Musical” star and Bongo girl Vanessa Hudgens was starring in the Broadway production of Gigi for two whole months until the show closed this past weekend. What should have been Hudgens’ triumphant final bow was ruined, however, by a fucking idiot understudy who threw her off.

Hudgens—who, as a serious Broadway actress, has reportedly declined to sign any “High School Musical” paraphernalia during her run as a Gigi—was allegedly overheard complaining about the understudy at a wrap party at New York’s Absolut Elyx House. Page Six reports that Hudgens told a party attendee that the unnamed understudy’s fuck-up caused her to have “one of the most awkward moments of my entire” life.

Per Page Six:

Onstage Thursday, when an understudy accidentally broke a prop glass, “Me and [co-star] Corey Cott just completely blanked because she threw us off, and we’re staring at each other,” Hudgens was heard saying at a farewell party for the musical at the Absolut Elyx House.

“It was the most terrified I think I’ve ever been,” she added, “just looking into my co-star’s eyes and seeing that he [and I] have no idea what’s supposed to happen next. And he goes, ‘So, Gigi, what do you want?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know!’ ”

You ever had that nightmare where you’re onstage performing as the free-spirited Parisian Gigi and some dumb b**** breaks a glass and you totally blank and try to picture the audience in their underwear but then you’re in your underwear and your co-star is like what do you want and you’re like I don’t know!!!????

Welcome to Vanessa Hudgens’ life.

Hudgens reportedly did say, however, that she recovered: “We played it off in a way that made the audience laugh. It was terrifying and awkward...Live theater is the best.”

Hold your head high, Gigi: The Chicago Tribune’s Chris Jones made sure to note in his review of the production that Hudgens “is, for sure, sincere and working hard.”

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