When did you first look in the mirror and realize you were beautiful? Never? For Kim Kardashian, that happened in preschool. TMZ reports that in her new book of selfies, Selfish, Kim reveals that she instinctively took her first selfie at age four, nearly 20 years before the term existed.

Per TMZ:

We're told Kim's Selfish book contains pics she took of herself in the year George Orwell made famous. She picked up a camera and instinctively decided there was nothing better than photographing herself ... so she did.

Here's what Kim said in pitching the book, "I took pictures of myself with digital cameras when I was in junior high and high school, and I just got hooked." And this will shock you ... she says, "I was always obsessed with selfies."

Sometimes she's just feeling her look—can she live? Selfish, which we now know contains over 30 years worth of Kim Kardashian selfies, is due out in May.

[Photo via Instagram]