With the show's premiere just five weeks out, Disney has continued to leak notable snippets of Girl Meets World for the world to consume, reminisce over, and–most importantly–make fun of.

The opening credits and theme song (the full-length version of which can be seen below in all its autotuned glory) don't stand out significantly from any other credit sequence in Disney's stable of teen-sitcom credit sequences. As usual, the theme is sung by the show's hip teen stars. But I did make some interesting observations:

  • Based on the animated street sign briefly seen in the title sequence, Cory and Topanga's giant all-grown-up apartment is smack in the middle of Greenwich Village in New York City. Such swanky digs can doubtless be attributed to Topanga's blackmailing of someone mighty important.
  • This theory is corroborated by the fact that Girl's exploits seem to be broadcast on the billboards in Times Square.
  • In a nod to its predecessor, Girl Meets World's title sequence shares Boy Meets World's affinity for paper airplanes.
  • That paper airplane matches Ben Savage's new nose.
  • Topanga's crimped hair is back, if only briefly. Swoon.
  • Still no Mr. Feeny. Therefore, still no reason to watch this show.

Of course, preteens with no knowledge of Girl Meets World's superior antecedent will watch it anyway. And for a world without Mr. Feeny, the rest of us will mourn.

[H/T Entertainment Weekly]