In even more “art” imitating art imitating life news, Ginger Spice's boobs released a trailer for Geri Halliwell's new show Geri: Life Sucks.

The show isn’t actually set up at any network yet, but it takes a Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque look at Geri’s life, with the former pop star playing a version of herself. (Hmm, lot of that going around lately.) According to her producers at Objective Productions:

We are currently developing an idea for a TV show with Geri Halliwell in which she laughs gamely at herself and her fame. The comedy will see Geri try to balance the everyday pressures of being a mother and an international pop sensation.

Given her star turns in Spice World, that one episode of Sex and the City (she’s such a Samantha, right y’all?!), this should be just awful.