Even well-known sexpots like George Clooney like to shake up their looks every once in a while. And hey, why not? When you're a celebrity, the world is your oyster! Check out George Clooney's sexy new look after the jump.

Looking good, George Clooney! Watch out, Amal—you might have to fend off a few extra Clooney admirers starting...now!

But don't be fooled—just because he has a new look, doesn't mean he's shed his bad boy image. Here's Clooney giving us a bit of that classic Clooney attitude. He's still our guy!

With a lighthearted side, too, of course. :)

But will his friends accept his new look, or will they want their old buddy George back in his classic duds? Hmm...looks like they like his new style just fine to me!

Finally, here's Clooney—from what we can tell—valeting his car and pointing to where he would like it parked:

[images via WENN]