As we all know, George Clooney recently got engaged to Amal Alamuddin. What we don't know is: why? Is it because he wants to be a senator, but knows he has to shed his bachelor image first, and also become a governor at some point? Sources say: yes!

Multiple sources spoke to Us Weekly about Clooney's supposed political ambitions:

"George has been talking to politicians about running for office for years," says a DC insider, noting that Clooney is "close" with Pres. Obama.

"President Obama, how do I run for office?"

Adds the insider, "George has said his ultimate goal is to become a US senator but he knows he would have to hold a position like governor first."

One pal predicts the actor will take that first step in 2018 with a run for California's governorship. Says the friend: "He has the good ideas that he wants to implement."

And now he's got the perfect first lady. One source says his fast-track romance with Amal Alamuddin is a strategic move. Clooney aims to shed his bachelor image, says the source: "He wants to be taken seriously… he's ready for a change, so a 2018 run is very plausible."

Well, now that we know he has "the good ideas that he wants to implement" and a perfect first lady, I'm not sure what could stop him on his apparent journey to US senatorship.

I guess my only question is: when can we start voting for him for President? Now? I know that there's still a president right now or whatever and he doesn't need to leave, necessarily, but can we secure Clooney the next spot? Trying to get this nailed down before lunch.


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