Earlier this week, George Clooney took to the tabloid USA Today to respond to a story about his fiancé's mother that was published in the tabloid The Daily Mail. The Mail has since removed the story and (sort of) apologized, but Clooney is just not having it.

Part of The Daily Mail's apology stated that although they do apologize and accept his word that the story was inaccurate, the article was "not a fabrication" and that it was supplied by a "reputable and trusted journalist." (Right.) George Clooney responded to that claim in another article posted to USA Today this morning:

In the apology, managing editor Charles Garside claims that the article was "not a fabrication," but "based the story on conversations with senior members of the Lebanese community."

The problem is that none of that is true. The original story never cites that source, but instead goes out of its way to insist on four different occasions that "a family friend" spoke directly to the Mail. A " family friend" was the source. So either they were lying originally or they're lying now.

He goes on to point out that The Daily Mail published a story in April stating that his fiancé's mother—who the tabloid claimed to be against their marriage based on the fact that he is not of the Druze faith—married outside the Druze faith and was, in fact, not Druze herself. "The Mail knew the story in question was false and printed it anyway," he writes.

He ends by telling the Mail that no, he does not accept their apology:

So I thank the Mail for its apology. Not that I would ever accept it, but because in doing so they've exposed themselves as the worst kind of tabloid.

One that makes up its facts to the detriment of its readers and to all the publications that blindly reprint them.

"Unlike the best kind of tabloid, USA Today," George writes and deletes.

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