For mere mortals, moving is already a pain in the ass. For Hollywood producers? You also have to contend with Judd Apatow blowing up your spot to Gawker, just because your assistant forgot to use BCC on an email.

Nathan Kahane, the producer behind This Is The End, the Harold and Kumar trilogy, and Juno, among others recently moved his production company Good Universe from Santa Monica to the dealmaking epicenter of Beverly Hills. His assistant, while sending out an updated address to the A-listers in his boss' address book, accidentally cc'd all the recipients whose initials have an A or B.

The 200-plus person recipient list included the email addresses of studio heads such as Disney's Sean Bailey and New Regency's Pam Abdy, as well as celebs Judd Apatow, Casey Affleck, and Warren Beatty.

Never missing an opportunity to mock, Apatow went straight for the Gawker joke (for which we're flattered!):

From: Judd Apatow
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 10:46 AM
To: Matt Brodlie


I just made a hundred grand selling this contact list to gawker.

Should we split it or donate it to

PS Can I get an updated photo of Nathan. Gawker requested something casual (from a Lakers game?)

Sent from my iPad

Apatow immediately kicked off a firestorm of replies—some from amused recipients (producers with free time), some from less-than-amused celebrities. A Lionsgate executive, Michael Burns, chimed in with:

I have a very sweet picture of Nathan on a pony I will send. Best to all . m

Marty Bowen, the producer behind the Twilight films follows up with a CES-timely tech reference:

Nathan, what's your Snap chat account?

Josh Brolin, likely still not thrilled with how Kahane-produced Oldboy turned out, was not quite so thrilled:

You just gave my email to 260 people. Awesome! 8x10s on the way!

But by far, the best response came from a family-owned delicatessen in the Valley:


You can all come visit us at Art's Deli in Studio City.

And I am expecting Josh's signed photo when he visits!

Thank you for including us in your emails today!

Art's Deli - Studio City

And screenwriter John August, screenwriter of Big Fish and Charlie's Angels, took to Twitter to complain about the hassle:

As of now the assistant in question is still answering Kahane's phone lines. If Apatow's wish coming true to be featured on Gawker somehow changes that, may we suggest instead of he contribute the money we didn't pay him to helping that assistant pay his bills instead. It's 65 degrees in Southern California—far too cold to be out on the streets for an e-mail mistake.

(Gawker did not pay Judd Apatow $100,000 for this email chain.)