After acquiring the rights last January, 20th Century Fox is getting closer to bringing their Magic: The Gathering franchise to life with the recent hire of Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman. Your weird friend is going to be so happy!

Cogman has written five episodes of Game of Thrones, most recently "The Laws of Gods and Men," and is a producer and story editor for the show. The movie will be produced by Hasbro and Fox-based producer Simon Kinberg.

No word yet on a plot or director, but Deadline does have a handy description of the Magic: The Gathering game for those, like me, who are unsure of what Magic: The Gathering even is:

There are creatures, wizards and magic spells and players use all of them to defeat each other.

Hmm, I think I get it! Sign me up for your weekly game, weird friend!

[image via Deadline]