Since the trajectory of the majority of the male characters on Game Of Thrones tends to start with "Become king or die trying" and ends with a head on a spike or a sorceress' fatal stab, it seems only likely that Joffrey Baratheon will either be killed, accidentally kill himself, or be conquered and cuckolded by Arya Stark (hopefully to be kept in a brothel run by Littlefinger). Luckily for Jack Gleeson, his character's inevitable exit will allow him to quit acting and focus on charity work.

In an interview with The Independent, Gleeson shared that once his role draws to a close on HBO's sex and dragon filled drama, he wants to stop acting professionally. A recent trip to Haiti with international aid organization, Goal, was one of the deciding factors that led Gleeson to wanting to step out of the limelight and spend more time doing charity work.

Gleeson plays one of the least likable characters on the HBO show, and is best known for rampant misogyny, murdering prostitutes, and generally being a little shit.