AMC FX has just ordered six episodes 13 episodes of a new show about the undead. The Walking Dead The Strain is about a virus outbreak sweeping the globe that turns humans into zombies vampires. Who said Hollywood didn't know how to innovate?

The new series comes to FX from Guillermo del Toro and Lost producer Carlton Cuse, and is based upon the trilogy of books by the same name, penned by del Toro and author Chuck Hogan. The books were later adapted into a series of graphic novels for Dark Horse Comics. FX ordered The Strain to pilot last September, but little movement had been made since it filmed early this year. With recent success of its latest cycle of American Horror Story, FX has been looking to expand in the horror genre, and The Strain does just that, with the backing of two of the best producers in the horror business.

Despite its rampant similarities to The Walking Dead (a screenshot of the pilot's vampires on Nerdist look oddly similar to AMC's walkers), FX's series has Del Toro at the helm, which basically guarantees that even at its worst, it will be mind-blowingly terrifying and visually stunning all at the same time.