This guy from the movie Burnt says he cooks, too. Yeah right!

As you remember, Bradley Cooper recently claimed to have “worked” for “most of his life” as a cook. He then went on—in the very same article—to reveal he spent, at the very most, four years as a cook and one year as a busboy.


Representatives for Bradley Cooper did not respond to a request for comment on this outrageous claim.

Later, “a spy” on the set of Burnt told Page Six that Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, who both play chefs in the movie Burnt, pitched in and cooked food between takes on the set of Burnt. Yeah right. A “spy”? I know Bradley Cooper is an outrageous liar, but—A SPY?

Now, look at this. This guy, Sam Keeley, whoever he is, from the movie Burnt, told Page Six that he cooks Eggs Benedict for the women he has sex with, or would have sex with:

“I make a really good breakfast — a girl would fall in love with my Eggs Benedict,” he told us, adding that he became so confident with his culinary skills, “if she tries to interfere, I’m like, ‘Get out and leave me to it.’ As a cook, everything has to be completed by me.”

Disregarding the fact that he suspiciously begins in a hypothetical then shifts to an account seemingly based on at least one actual occurrence, the idea that a man who cooks one breakfast item would begin any sentence with “as a cook” and then end it the way a space alien would end a sentence if he were attempting to go undercover as a human cook seems suspect.

How are we supposed to believe what any cast member of the movie Burnt, a movie employing known liars, has to say about cooking?

We’ve reached out to representatives for Sam Keeley and will update when we hear back.

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