According to The Wrap, Fox has put plans for its unnamed naked dating reality series on hold, just as it was going into production.

The series is one in a rash of new nude reality shows popping up on multiple networks—Discovery's Naked and Afraid and TLC's Buying Naked, for two—and would have involved participants dating naked (not to be confused with VH1's Dating Naked) in front of a live studio audience. The Wrap quotes an insider as saying the pilot had "overtones of a live sex show." Here's what they say happened:

Simon Andreae, Fox's executive vice president of alternative entertainment, was fast-tracking the still-unnamed pilot with producers A. Smith & Co. Productions, but the top brass at Fox has put it on hold, individuals with knowledge of the network's plans said.

With producers hired, casting completed and plans to build the set made, the project was reviewed earlier this week and a decision made to hold it pending new leadership as Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly left in June and his replacement hasn't been announced.

Ugh, but how are we gonna see what their butts look like with the pilot on hold? One of the people who spoke to The Wrap claimed that the pilot had been killed altogether, but another said it was just on hold "pending Reilly's replacement."

So, please, as you settle in to say your prayers tonight, keep this shitty, weird, naked reality series in mind. (And do remember to be specific.)

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