[There was a video here]

If you hate Justin Bieber and love urine, this is the video for you.

The Miami Beach Police Department has been holding it in, but the Bieber piss video is finally here and sufficiently blurred. And my goodness, that black box is huge.

A summary of the video: Bieber, wearing bright shoes, walks to the urinal, pees, finishes peeing, washes his hands, talks to the guard, the guard talks back, they exit the pee room. End scene.

The urinalysis experts at TMZ speculate that Bieber's dick might have hanging out while he was walking to the urinal, which makes the disappointing video slightly more interesting, maybe?:

It's weird ... law enforcement told us they were having problems black-barring the video because Justin's penis was moving around. But the video only shows him walking to the toilet — possibly with his penis exposed ... but the movement isn't that radical.

But if you want real radical movement, you'd be better off watching Bieber do push ups in jail.