Two weeks ago, America's favorite former Teen Mom (backdoor division) Farrah Abraham posted the gruesome results of a lip implant that went awry, giving her the appearance of a bottom-feeding aquarium fish with breast implants. It was fucked up, and she loved it! But all good things eventually end, and Farrah's doctors appear to have found the antidote and returned her to her human form.

Although it does look like there's some kind of enhancement happening with Farrah's lips in the photo above, shot at a club last Saturday, it's no longer suckermouth catfish-level enhancement. Congratulations to her on having a normal human face once more, and condolences on missing out on the episode of Botched she seemed to be angling for.

Farrah was reportedly rushed to the E.R. due to the swelling, but it's not clear if the cause was a mistake with the lip implants themselves or just an allergic reaction to the anesthetic pre-surgery.

"We're told Farrah was getting a new procedure, where the doctor puts an implant in the patient's lip...which in theory is cost effective because you don't have to maintain the work with fillers," TMZ wrote at the time, adding that Farrah thought the anesthetic was to blame.

[h/t US, Photo: Getty Images]