There are pros to being a Brooklyn resident in the Girls era. For instance, people from outside of New York think you live in the "center of it all" as opposed to a money-sucking Etsy diorama. But there are also cons, like when Girls films on an entire city block and screws up your day.

As DNAinfo reported, Girls was filming its fourth season on Monroe Street in between Bedford and Franklin in Bed-Stuy on Monday. In the scene, Ray runs out of a building and yells at a driver who is excessively honking his horn (because of his neurosis or something?), and the driver then curses back at him.

This was a fun thing to watch, unless you were trying to drive somewhere on Bedford–one of Brooklyn's main thoroughfares.

With the street closed, cars driving west on Monroe Street were forced to turn onto Bedford Avenue, slowing northbound traffic on the avenue throughout the afternoon.

Signs on that stretch of Monroe Street and eight other blocks in the surrounding area announced that cars parked in certain spots would be towed to legal spots, and apologized for the inconvenience.

"We understand that filming can be somewhat disruptive, and we appreciate your cooperation," the signs read. "As guests in your neighborhood, we will make every effort to be respectful of the daily routine of the community."

Some neighbors remained annoyed by the show's presence.

"It inconvenienced me," said one Monroe Street resident, who refused to give his name. "I had to park all the way up the street, and I have a bad back."

At least the Monroe Street resident's afternoon of inconvenience will be memorialized on HBO and romanticized by people who dream of one day running into a film set as they just try and get lunch.

[image via HBO]