Kindhearted giant Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on the set of his upcoming film Central Intelligence Tuesday when a “little accident” occurred that caused him to give forth a hearty chuckle from the depths of his gargantuan throat.

“Are you bleeding?” asked tiny director Rawson Thurber (actually 6’1”, but standing next to The Rock). The Rock was not bleeding; bleeding does not fit into the busy schedule of a man who has time for balling only. Why would the Rock be bleeding, Rawson Thurber?

Jesus christ The Rock that is not a natural alignment for a human finger and I think you understand that because you’re laughing and making a video but why are you laughing and making a video when part of your finger is perpendicular to its usual alignment.

It seems that The Rock transcended pain itself sometime after Pain & Gain (2013). Pain is no more. Now there is only gain.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Now let’s pop that sumbitch back in.

Update: A rep from New Line tells Variety The Rock was just faking, which is really hard to believe from a former professional wrestler. Shame on you, Mr. The Rock.

[h/t Complex]