2013: Comic-Con isn't nerdy anymore.

2012: Comic-Con isn't nerdy anymore.

2011: Comic-Con isn't nerdy anymore.

2010: Comic-Con isn't nerdy anymore.

We've heard it all before, but apparently it bears repeating: San Diego's Comic-Con has gone too mainstream. In its first incarnation in 1970, Comic-Con had just 300 attendees who paid $3.50 a ticket to listen to Ray Bradbury and meet other like-minded nerds. It now costs $175 and your firstborn child to secure a four day pass - which typically sells out within 90 minutes of going on sale. Panels on nerd culture have now been replaced by panels on How I Met Your Mother.

According to Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, who clearly knows nothing about being cool or being surrounded by women:

"Nowadays, there's cool people here, there's hip people here, there's all these big displays and all this production. And there's women here. And it's confusing for me because I'm looking around going, `Where are all the dorks? Where are all the nerds?' And I feel disenfranchised again. We've been infiltrated!"

So there you have it. Nerds, dorks, and geeks alike - you're neither cool nor hip (nor are you women), so it might just be time to pack up your lightsabers and head back to your galaxies far, far away.