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Sometimes award shows look fun. This year's Golden Globes was not one of those award shows, primarily because every person there sported a noticeable sheen of sweat that made their heads glisten under the stage lights like hams at a deli counter. As evidence, take the above video of Katherine Heigl and David Duchovny, who look like they jogged onstage directly from their homes.

It turns out, it wasn't nerves causing the sweat: according to Vanity Fair, the air conditioning at the Beverly Hilton was off. It has been in the 50s recently in Los Angeles, but you'd think they'd just flip the AC on during the Golden Globes to be safe.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, it got so steamy inside the event that paramedics were called after a "male attendee" briefly passed out his table.

Stars: they're just like us.



Swamp monsters.

Frances McDormand, via Vanity Fair, sums up the attitude of the sweltering evening.

[images via Getty, gif via Vanity Fair]