Lots of industry folk are excited to head down to San Diego today for the start of Comic-Con. All the major film studios and television networks will be there, hosting awesome panels where fans will get to chat with the casts of The X-Files, Dexter, Veronica Mars (the movie!), Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Doctor Who. It’s the ultimate nerd-meets-cool manbaby cosplay fest and organizers are expecting over 125,000 attendees.

However, it’s not like you can just roll out of bed and show up to Comic-Con. If you’ve read anything about the event, you’d know there’s a lot of preparation involved. For instance, if you’re coming from the north, you should take the train because parking is difficult. It’s also a good idea to pack snacks and make sure you get in the badge line early. But what’s the most important thing you learn when reading about the Con? Everyone smells like shit, that’s what. So it’s highly advisable that attendees arrive to the convention center as clean as possible.

The Huffington Post:

On this crowded and sometimes smelly (spandex costume + southern Californian sun + being too busy to shower) floor you'll also find mind-blowing exhibition booths from video game companies, movie studios, toy manufacturers, and TV networks.

NBC San Diego:

You’ll be sitting beside some folks who will assault your senses with body odor and nachos, no need for you to contribute.

Crave Online:

Speaking of the show floor – the first thing you'll notice when entering the main hall is an assault on your senses both visual and olfactory. Your breath is taken for a moment by the sheer scope of things to see, such as a giant Lego Batman or maybe a huge statue of Voltron. Once you start wading in, however, you'll start to smell people. It's easy to blame this on stereotypical nerd funk, and yes, you will come across your fair share of the hygenically-challenged. However, this is mid-summer in San Diego and, given those conditions, add thousands of generally doughy types like me lugging giant bags of knick-knacks around, cram us into one room no matter how giant, and the B.O. will arise regardless of how much Old Spice we've slathered on. The stench of that may overwhelm you at first, so be prepared to weather it.


Your bag should have the following:

Deodorant/ antiperspirants which are not only for you but the guy standing next to you as well.

Technology TelI:

Ah, the San Diego Comic-Con – an event like this is quite an experience and you’re sure to come away with both good, and maybe occasionally not-so-good memories. (Seriously people, deodorant is a life saver and you can even find it at dollar stores.)

And at Variety, where they've clearly missed the body odor memo, they do issue another very important caveat: if you’re an adult dressed in a costume, whatever you do, don’t talk to the news cameras as you’ll only end up looking foolish.

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