The world got word yesterday that Zayn Malik, the member of One Direction who likes graffiti, exited One Direction's world tour due to rumor-based stress. Today, the world has gotten word that everybody is worried about him.

Zayn, Zayn, Zayn. Our little Zayn. What's going on in Zayn's brain? A good question, asked in vain. With enthusiasm hard to feign, he had to just get on a plane, escape somewhere to remain sane: Zayn.

A source "close to the band" spoke to People:

"The rest of the guys are really worried about him but disappointed he's not there. Their main concern is they want him to get better."

Though all of One Direction is worried, one member—the member who looks the most like Zayn, aside from Zayn himself—is the most worried:

"They don't want him to quit. Louis [Tomlinson] is the closet to him and is the most worried."

Aww. That is genuinely a little heartbreaking and very sweet. Louis!

However, Zayn, I do think you should quit.

Zayn, this job seems very stressful, you have been doing it since you were a child, and I feel like you already have a lot of money—certainly enough money. Maybe you have another interest you can pursue? I know, for instance, that you have a graffiti room. Maybe you can think about doing something with that. Turn your graffiti room into a graffiti museum. Maybe graffiti t-shirts. I don't know, Zayn.

Feel better—for Louis's sake, if not your own.

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