Patricia Arquette and J.K. Simmons weren't the only stars taking stands during the Academy Awards. Steve Carell was waving his own secret feminist flag Sunday night, via HeForShe-branded cufflinks.

Pursuant to the rules of conduct of wearing arm jewelry emblazoned with the image of pro-feminism message, Emma Watson, who fronts the gender equality campaign by UN Women, wrote Carell a handwritten letter so she could take a picture of it and brag about having handwritten a letter on Twitter.

This is that letter:

As you can tell from this note, Emma Watson has delicate, purposeful penmanship, punctuates in Associated Press style, and would like to, in one way or another, fuck Steve Carell. Should there be any confusion, let's revisit the passage where she indicates her lust:

I wanted to marry you or have you adopt me after "Crazy Stupid Love"

This is a fascinating juxtaposition and a tricky spell of words to be made by the graduate of two prestigious institutions, The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Brown University. Where does one desire (for him to be her husband that she has sex with) end and another (for him to be her father that she does not necessarily have sex with) begin?

Beguiling. Love is confusing.

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