Page Six reports that an incident involving Emile Hirsch is under investigation after the actor allegedly assaulted Paramount exec Dani Bernfeld at Park City's Tao Nightclub early Sunday morning.

The alleged attack, first reported Sunday, reportedly occurred around 3:30 a.m. during the Sundance Film Festival, when an anonymous source tells Page Six he or she saw Hirsch "aggressively picking on Dani." The source continues:

"He got even more aggressive and aggro. He pushed Dani up against a table, and then he put her in a headlock."

Another source claims that Hirsch "attacked her from behind" and put her in a "chokehold."

"He completely blindsided her after he'd been shit-talking and was already led away from her once."

According to an earlier report, no arrests were made that night, though police were called and spoke to Hirsch before sending him home.

Park City police confirmed to Page Six that they are investigating the incident. As of Tuesday, no charges had been filed.

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