Tuesday night's State of the Union address will get a big, bearded taste of the Confederacy. Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, R, has invited Willie Robertson, son of the anal-hating Phil Robertson, to be his plus one for the evening.

In a press release, McAllister celebrated his guest, citing the need for "diversity" in DC as his rationale:

"I am proud to have my close friend, constituent and small business owner, Willie Robertson, attend tonight's State of the Union Address as my special guest," Rep. McAllister said in his statement. "Willie is thankful for this opportunity and honored to attend. I look forward to the two of us representing the Fifth District in DC this evening and bringing some diversity to our nation's capitol."

The Robertson family and McAllister go way back, all the way back to 2013 when they helped McAllister win a runoff election in Louisiana's 5th District with a Duck Dynasty endorsement. Why did the Robertsons back McAllister? Because, according to Phil, McAllister had the ability to "channel the anti-establishment Republican frustration sentiment."

Willie Robertson even starred in McAllister campaign ads:

Since his election, McAllister has been very vocal about his time in the House, telling the chamber of commerce in Monroe, Louisiana that it "sucks." "It ain't no fun," he added. "But, the day I start enjoying it in Washington, D.C., is the day that I should come home."

Also sucking: this season's ratings for Duck Dynasty. Last week, the show was even beaten by the corpse that is American Idol. How embarrassing.

[Image via AP]