Matt Lauer, known asshole and hated man, had a bad flight.

On a red-eye back from the Golden Globes, Matt Lauer was reportedly seated next to a sad stranger who just could not stop talking about "an all-day funeral" he'd recently attended. Chat, chat, chat. Why, after attending an all-day funeral, one would want to spend any more time thinking and speaking about that long ass all-day funeral I do not know, but I guess one has to make conversation with Matt Lauer somehow.

According to Page Six, Matt Lauer did not appreciate being kept awake on a red-eye by this chatty funeral man:

"Lauer asked a flight attendant, 'Is this a full flight?' He just wanted to get away from this weird guy and find a seat where he could sleep," said a fellow passenger.

A passenger nearby overheard Lauer, and offered to switch, and the anchorman ended up sitting next to Morales, who was already fast asleep.

The source continued, "He sat down next to Natalie, put a blanket over his head and slept the whole way." Good baby.

[image via Getty]