Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore had a good time at the Golden Globes. A good time, that is, despite one cold-blooded snub.

The village of Beverly Hills stands despite its name on flat land neighboring western Hollywood, a lonesome area Angelenos call "out there." Some 2,185 miles west of the Atlanta border, the Beverly Hilton, with its hard red carpet and desperation-filled air, has an atmosphere that, for Kenya Moore, is rather more Total Snub City than No Snubs At All City. From Page Six:

After a fan asked Moore who she hung out with post-Globes, the reality star wrote: "Lots of people who were so cool @taylorswift13 was so sweet but @Lupita_Nyongo refused 2 take pics After 2 movies."

The tweet, posted Monday, has since been deleted.

Lupita Nyong'o: two movies. Kenya Moore: five seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The snub math just doesn't add up, my friends. Moore made it clear, however, after posting and deleting this tweet, that she wasn't attempting to throw shade at Nyong'o:

"No I was a huge fan!!! There were 1000 A listers being humble it was disappointing that's all. I want 2 always stay humble," wrote Moore, also a cast member on "Celebrity Apprentice."

There's got 2 be something wrong with Lupita. 2 do what she did.

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