Earlier this month, jurors in a civil suit ordered 50 Cent, a.k.a. Curtis James Jackson III, to pay $5 million in compensatory damages to Lastonia Leviston, whose sex tape 50 Cent edited, narrated, and leaked to the Internet in 2009. Leviston is the ex-girlfriend of Rick Ross, a.k.a. William Leonard Roberts, Jr., with whom 50 Cent was then feuding, and the mother of his child. The jurors also voted to impose punitive damages, but, before they could hear testimony about his net worth, 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy in Connecticut, incurring an automatic stay in the Manhattan trial. Last week, Leviston’s attorneys moved for relief from the stay—to allow the second part of the sentencing to move forward—and, on Friday, a judge granted that motion, over 50 Cent’s lawyers’ objections.

50 Cent’s lawyers filed the objection on Thursday. In it, an account of the rapper’s life is given. “It is easy to forget that Mr. Jackson grew up in poverty [sic.] in South Jamaica, a rough neighborhood of Queens, New York,” the filing reads. (It is?)

“His single mother was murdered when Mr. Jackson was only 8 years old. After her death, he was raised by his grandparents,” the objection continues. “As a boy, Mr. Jackson dreamed of being a boxer, but by the time he was a teenager, he was caught up in a life of crime. The consequences of that lifestyle were realized in 2000 when Mr. Jackson was shot nine times outside of his grandmother’s house.”

“After recovering from his injuries, Mr. Jackson determined to improve his life and focused on his music, and the rest is music history. In many respects, Mr. Jackson typifies the American dream.” Also, he tried to get people to stop masturbating.

The filing goes on:

As a result of Mr. Jackson’s success, he has been fortunate to acquire a significant amount of assets. Like many other celebrity entertainers that make their living in full view of the public eye, however, Mr. Jackson has accumulated a substantial amount of liabilities as well. Notwithstanding this fact, Mr. Jackson’s bankruptcy filing is not primarily a result of excessive current expenses exceeding Mr. Jackson’s current revenues, but rather the substantial costs of litigation and resulting awards against Mr. Jackson in the past year which total in excess of $20 million, and which are discussed in more detail below. While Mr. Jackson has substantial assets, he does not have the ability to pay the full amount of these litigation claims and all other asserted claims at the present time, thereby necessitating this Chapter 11 filing.

According to the New York Daily News, bankruptcy Judge Ann Nevins said, “It is in everyone’s interest here, including Mr. Jackson’s, to reach finality,” in the New York trial. (Heh. Maybe!) According to a “creditor matrix,” submitted in Connecticut on Friday, 50 Cent has 72 different creditors, including a landscaper, a carpet cleaner, and one Curtis J. Jackson, Sr.

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