David O. Russell is the smartest man in Hollywood. First, he tricked audiences into believing Jennifer Lawrence, then 21, was old enough to play a worldly widow in Silver Linings Playbook. Then he tricked audiences into believing Lawrence, then 22, could realistically play Christian Bale's bored housewife in American Hustle while simultaneously tricking people into believing it was an Oscar-worthy film.

So it's not surprising that Russell would want to keep the magic alive and again team up with Lawrence because if it ain't broke, win more awards. According to Deadline, Russell is in talks to rewrite and direct the biography of Joy Mangano, the Long Island inventor of the Miracle Mop. Mangano, a single mother of three, became known as the "Mother of Invention" after her rise into a QVC star in the early 90s. Russell is hoping Lawrence, now 23, will play a mop-making woman in her mid-30s with three children. Basically, it's Erin Brokovich Pt. 2, complete with a best actress Oscar.

Lawrence is not officially attached to the Fox 2000 project, but Russell has made clear he wants her involved. Because why would Russell have any reason to cast an age-appropriate actress when the Academy keeps rewarding him for doing the same thing, year after year?

He'll probably also cast Bradley Cooper as a mop or something and people will still applaud the film because the costumes will be "so 80s" and "amazing." For everyone who voted American Hustle as best picture, this is all your fault.

[Image via AP]