David Arquette was reportedly kicked out of Justin Bieber's birthday, which is sad.

Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday in Las Vegas over the weekend. Happy Birthday to him. According to PageSix, the little mustache boy was paid $500,000 to host his birthday at Las Vegas's Omnia nightclub, which is nice for him, after which he took the party to the rooftop villa at the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace. All very nice for Justin Bieber, I think we can agree—it seems like a birthday he would enjoy.

David Arquette, who doesn't seem to be doing well, not that it's any of my business, was spotted at the after party looking "pretty messed up," according to PageSix. He was allegedly kicked out after openly "talking about Bieber behind his back," which is just so rude. At Justin Biber's birthday? Come on, David Arquette. Say it to his face, at least. He's a man now!

From PageSix:

The witness said: "Justin heard what David had been saying, and threw him out of his suite with the help of a friend, because they didn't have security up there. Somehow David managed to get back in and rushed at Bieber to take him out. There was a confrontation, then other people got in the way to separate them. David was thrown out again, this time for good."

David Arquette, come on.

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