Dance Moms star and unfiltered ray of UV light from a Solar Storm 220V 24 lamp tanning bed Maddie Ziegler has finally cleared up some of the misconceptions about the Sia music video she recently starred in with Shia LaBeouf. Chiefly, that Shia LaBeouf does NOT smell good, he smells bad.

Twelve-year-old Maddie tells Entertainment Tonight that while filming the video for Sia's "Elastic Heart" with Shia, she had to be honest with him about his lack of hygiene.

"I was like, 'I'm sorry, but you're kind of dirty.'"

Shia's uncleanliness was not a small problem, because Maddie had to bite Shia's hands during the shoot. And his hands were dirty! He didn't even want hand wipes!

"Gross," she says.

I really did bite Shia, and it was gross because we were dirty and I had to bite his dirty hands. I kept wiping myself off and I kept handing the wipes to Shia and he was like, "I don't need the wipes" and I was like, "Yes, you do."

Even though Maddie, age 12, tried to be considerate about whatever odors she might have possibly emitted during the shoot, Shia didn't care.

I brought perfume and everything. I didn't want to smell and he was like, "Oh, I'm totally fine with it. I don't care."

But Maddie cared. And eventually, the grown man with filthy hands took her requests seriously. "He actually listened to me," she says. Phew.

As for what the weirdo video was about in the first place, Maddie explains:

I'm supposed to be portraying a werewolf and pretty much Shia and I have been just living in the cage for a year and I'm the strong one and I'm trying to pretty much kill him.



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