Ceaselessly naked former child star Miley Cyrus and her voyeur/Kennedy boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger finally have something in common: their siblings are now dating each other, E! News confirms. Miley's brother Braison has been reportedly seeing Pat's sister Christina since last month.

Bryson and Christina have already posted some "couple-y pics" on Instagram, which feature the two embracing at what appears to be a New Year's Eve party. According to E! News, it was Miley's idea to set the Brasted and Christina up.

Miley and Broyden's mother, Tish, commented "Cutest!!!" on one of the pics, suggesting that the Cyrus family is on board with keeping it in the family.

She even posted a photo of the whole gang at a family dinner—you can see Miley, Patrick, Beerst, and Christina smiling in the back.

Congrats to these two families, who are surely equally excited about uniting as one.

[Photos via Getty/Instagram]