Courtney Love and Dave Grohl, two souls floating through life forever tethered by the death of Kurt Cobain and the hope of regained relevancy, reportedly have a $10,000 bet about who "can get the most strippers." OK!

"Strippers love me!" Courtney Love told Page Six, referring to the terms of her alleged $10,000 bet about who "can get the most strippers," whatever that even means, with adult man Dave Grohl. ("Get" like have sex with? "Get" like collect the bodies of?) "I'm taking [Grohl] down," she added.

"I used to be [a stripper], and I tip like a maniac so they relate to me," she said of, apparently, high-tipping strippers. "That's the whole premise. That's why we made the bet."

The bet—the premise of which is that Courtney Love used to be a stripper and tips like a maniac—arose when Dave Grohl and pals spent $10,000 at Scores one night after Courtney Love had gone home. She explains, "I had a few too many shots, but I would have kicked his ass." Kicked his ass at what? Courtney?

"I can remember the pole. That was a long time ago."

Courtney. :(

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