Emotional minefield Justin Bieber, currently attempting to rebrand himself as something other than a stubborn piss-stain, stopped his car to acknowledge an elderly fan (Larry King) in L.A. this morning, earning himself 3 karma points and 12 hours of Lindsay Lohan community service. A pleasant time was had by all, except the girl who fell out of her mom's car while chasing Bieber.

Photographers at the scene told Just Jared the girl was attempting to run after the grown baby pop star, but wasn't quick enough to reach him before his car pulled away. She tried to jump back into her mother's Jeep to continue the chase, but apparently inherited neither the killer instinct, nor the feral Bieber-lust of her mother: The young lady didn't make it all the way into the car before her mom peeled off to catch Bieber, and ended up ass-down on the concrete.

Who knows what could have happened if she hadn't wiped out in front of God, the paparazzi, and Larry King? Bieber could have fallen in love with the adult woman frantically pursuing him in her SUV. Twenty-year-old Justin Bieber could be this girl's adopted stepdad right now. We'll never know.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]