An actress whose credits include Saw 3D: The Final Chapter and The Sad Guy is being sued by a Cinemax-affiliated production company for allegedly breaching a contractual "nudity rider." Since your sex drive was wondering, the dispute is related to an episode of the softcore series Femme Fatales.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ordeal began with a lawsuit filed by the actress herself two years ago. Anne Greene decided to sue Cinemax, HBO (which owns Cinemax), Time Warner (which owns HBO), and True Crime LLC (the production company directly responsible for what we're sure is a critically admired, compelling show) for sexual harassment and a dangerous work environment. Greene claims she was bullied into performing nude in an episode of the show, titled "Jailbreak," in which she played the lead role. She claims she never would have taken the part if she'd known it was "soft-core porn."

Not so, says True Crime's counter-complaint, filed just two months before Greene's court date. The company claims she took the role after having been sent a preview reel and casting breakdowns calling for actresses comfortable with varying degrees of nudity. She also allegedly signed a "nudity rider" to an employment contract after she took the part.

The company also claims that it accommodated her wishes to the extent that it could. The suit claims that despite having been sent several versions of a script in advance, Greene said she was not comfortable with an oral sex scene. The scene was accordingly revised, and True Crime claims it did not "attempt to convince, persuade or coerce Greene to perform any scenes against her will or to which she expressed objection or discomfort." Problems continued after Greene objected to being filmed completely topless. It was eventually sorted out, but Greene's objections, the complaint says, caused "substantial delay and disruption" in the production of the show. True Crime wants $85,000.

Filming resumed after producers magnanimously allowed Greene to wear pasties during her topless scene. Why magnanimous? Because apparently covering an actress's nipples with stickers actually isn't "compliant with HBO's policy prohibiting the use of 'Pasties' in sex scenes."

That's right. HBO won't allow pasties. Game of Thrones makes so much more sense now.

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