This is a video shot by TMZ of a seemingly drunk Chris Brown getting walked to his orange Lamborghini after a party following last night's BET Awards. Chris Brown was recently in jail, but now he's free to drink as much as he wants at award show after parties. But that—and everything else he does—comes with a different kind of prison.

About two dozen cameras were on hand to watch a groggy Brown get dragged away from a club. Ideally, for Chris Brown, this could have happened in peace—alas, doing things in peace doesn't really exist for him anymore. Being a rich, famous person is definitely better than jail—orange Lambos!—but the paparazzi offers its own sort of prison with a separate set of issues.

The paparazzi, of course, isn't a new phenomenon, and Chris Brown is generally agreed to be a pretty shitty person. But he is bouncing between two poles—real prison and the prison of modern celebrity—that don't really lend themselves towards "rehabilitation."