Charlie Hunnam, a ruggedly handsome actor known for his work on TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, totally freaked out after he quit the surefire blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey movie. He told Moviefone yesterday that he gave away his lead role last summer because "I just had like ... frankly, something of a nervous breakdown."

Shit, Charlie, you okay man? Maybe not:

I just said, "I can't ... I can't ..." To fail on such a grand scale—because "Fifty" [is] going to be massive, it's going to be huge. I really didn't want to fail on such a grand scale and I just couldn't transition from Jax Teller to Christian Grey in 48 hours. I bit off more than I could chew and it was painful. I loved the character and I wanted to do it.

To fail on such a grand scale ... isn't that what we're all afraid of? Those S&M scenes do sound complicated. Anywho, it seems like the real reason Charlie dropped the movie was due to scheduling. "I was going to finish Sons at like 11 p.m. Friday night, get on the plane Saturday morning to Vancouver for Fifty, missing the whole first week of rehearsal and start shooting Monday morning," he explained.

Too bad. Jamie Dornan is definitely going to win an Oscar for the role Charlie left behind.

[Photo via AP]