David Bowie once famously sang, "We could be heroes forever and ever, what do you say?" This Saturday in Hawaii Rob Lowe heard his query and, in a way, said "Yes."

Rob Lowe was vacationing in Hawaii this weekend when a sailboat ran aground near Kaupuleu. Unwilling to idly watch the events unfold, Page Six reports the actor quickly grabbed a jet ski and aided in the rescue effort:

Donning a pair of navy and green-striped swim trunks, Lowe and another man combed the waters in search for people aboard the 74-foot vessel, the Hawaii Aloha.

Unbeknownst to them, four of five passengers had luckily managed to escape on a life raft before being rescued, according to local KITV news. One person is still missing.

Well. Good try!

[image via Getty]